Up Coming Shows:



Aug 4th – Rockwood Music Hall Stage 3- 8:30 pm

Aug 17th -Rockwood Music Hall Stage 3 -8:30pm- A tribute to the Everly Brothers: featuring Zach Jones, Martin Rivas, Brian Killeen

Sept 17 –  Middleburgh NY



May 14 – Periapsis Open Series with GIG  (Brooklyn) – 5pm / 8pm

May 15 – Periapsis Open Series with GIG  (Brooklyn) – 5pm/ 8pm

April 25th – Honest Folk Festival – Rochester, NY

April 14 – Christopher St Coffee House

March 22 – Singers & Songs Vol 6 – 7-10 pm  (57th & 9th – NYC)

Feb 17th – Rockwood Music Hall Stage 3 – 8:30

Jan 8 – American Folk Art Museum  6pm

Dec 18 – Le Poisson Rouge – Tribute to PJ Harvey

Dec 15 – Sirens of Brooklyn – 8PM, Plymouth Church

Dec 2nd – Rockwood Music Hall Stage 2 (full band) 8pm

Oct 30th – Courtney’s (Killarney IRL) Doors at 7:30

Oct 26th – Whelans (Dublin IRL) Doors at 7:30

Oct 24th  – House Concert – Germany

Oct 23rd – Cafe Bo – Germany

Oct 22nd- Saxo Bar – Germany

Oct 21st – House Concert – Germany

Oct 11th – Radigan Roundup – Park Slope

Sept 27th – The Scratcher Sessions w/ Sea of Bees  7:15 pm / Jenna Nicholls 8pm

Sept 20 – The Ace Hotel w/ Sea of Bees 9pm

Sept 19 – Gig (the show)

Sept 18 – Gig (the show)

Aug 19th – Pure House Concert Series Brooklyn 8pm

July 25th – Le Poisson Rouge- Portishead Tribute 8pm w/ Larceney Chamber Orchestra

July 11 – Rockwood Music Hall Stage 3 – 8:30

June 25 – Daybreaker Dance Party

March 23 – David Byrne Tribute w/ Glen Hansard Carnegie Hall


One thought

  1. Hey I was at the show tonight(university settlement 9/19) and it was my first time seeing you perform……amazing!!! Really really enjoyed it, thank you. If you heard a crazy guy yell your name from passing car a few blocks away from the venue, there’s a good chance that was me:)

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